average person can crack upsc

hope strong determination, continue doing the same work , even if one is bored tired .

first one thinks what is the use of doing such hard labour, when one can achieve success in other fields with much less hardwork. engineering technology media science business other govt jobs private jobs. Today one has a host of options to choose from, one can easily choose a easy option like bank clerk po ssc, and can lead a well to do life.

but then also there are few people who will not sit for these exams n and some will resign such jobs and prepare for upsc. There is an aura around the word upsc, one is fascinated by the mere thought of it.It takes courage to avoid the modern world friends cities limelight and sit in a confined closed rooms and start reading hindu and ncerts. One had the habit of reading foreign writers books on hifi scifi topics in higher studies. Now one feels down the earth n thinks how key to such a lucrative , prestigious job is placed with ncerts.

one has to read the following ncerts in the beginning

1. fundamental of physical geography class 11

2.india:physical environment class 11

3.fundamental of human geography class 12

4.india:people and economy

5.indian economic development class 11

6.7.8. ancient medieval and modern history (3 books old edition)

9.. world history.